welcome bunnies and stun guns

Sunday, April 18, 2010


i would love to RE-STYLE SASHA FIERCE. here is a picture from B at COACHELLA. the look is DATED and a poor example of COACHELLA CHIC. i would have preferred to see B in a light short MINI dress with her hair slicked back. also some GLADIATORS and a LARGER BOHEMIAN beaded or GOLD EARRING. the hat is so wrong (as she looks AWKWARD) and anyone over 20 does not need ICE CREAM cones DISPLAYED across their tummy! the shorts are TOO SMALL and the MOTORCYCLE boots she paired with this outfit (not shown) made it CLUNKY AND FRUMPY, sorry. this woman has NO REASON to look bad, as she has the MONEY and the EXPOSURE to the best of the best. IN THIS CASE I SAY FIRE THE STYLIST.


  1. You're amazing, at Coachella blogging!! And I totally agree.....