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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


my SECRET SKIN WEAPON is facialist NARINE NIKOGOSIAN. she is AMAZING and keeps my skin FRESH and CLEAN. i love her whole facial process, as she deep cleans your pores without making you look TERRIBLE after. you can totally do a date nite after one of NARINE'S DEEP PORE CLEANSING FACIALS. she is also super SWEET and fun to chat with about SKIN and REMEDIES. she wrote a FABULOUS NATURAL SKIN CARE BOOK.."RETURN TO BEAUTY" which you can pick up at your local BOOK STORE. i am asked all the time where to go for FACIALS and NARINE is the BEST !

to book an appt call OLE HENRIKSEN FACE AND BODY 310 854-7700
you will love me for this SECRET. please note: for anyone who struggles with SUN DAMGE,FINE LINES,and ACNE she is also AMAZING for these problems. not some FROU FROU facial..you get ACTUAL RESULTS you will see right AFTER!


  1. Hey Amanda, what does she charge for facials? Thinking of treating myself to a birthday one! =)

  2. 115. she is the best..so worth every penny. tell her your my friend when you book xoxox

  3. I need to try the whole facial route myself. thanks lady. :)

  4. u must see narine. she cures everyone

  5. That's an awesome price for a great facial!! Thanks Amanda!! xoxo