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Saturday, May 29, 2010


i am really sad about my satc 2 experience. i am a huge fan of the show and was so beyond excited to go see it opening day.
i found the script to be awful and corny. the lighting and editing to be drab and sloppy.the wardrobe to be cheesy and clowny. it was missing so much. everything felt forced. it didn't have enough nyc in it.big,steve, and harry were never to be seen. the gay wedding looked like a broadway production gone awry.
i cannot believe sjp and king didn't re-edit and re shoot a lot of the scenes.for the money they spent and the dignity of the show...it's hard to believe they released it like this. grade c+


  1. going to see it i do agree on some of your critic pionts :P and it's not suprising because some of these were found even in the first movie! some of the outfits were drap! not fab! and some were quite sad and not benefically to the credit of the show!
    xo tobes.
    keep in touch

  2. the first was rushed as well. boom was in many shots! in the end, it's a cash cow...no time for artistic perfection. poor Hollywood sad state of affairs!!x