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Friday, August 6, 2010


i take my job of styling very seriously. i have been working in fashion since age 15. i started in retail and graduated to an INTERNSHIP at VOGUE in my twenties. i was lucky enough to assist the AMAZING KIM KEEHAN for 6 WHOLE YEARS. i took my job very seriously and never thought i would go out on my own. KIM was the one who told me it was time and i was ready. i am GRATEFUL for the SKILL and PREP that she taught me. i wouldn't be where i am today without her.
it seems like EVERYONE and their MOTHER is a wardrobe stylist these days. it wasn't like this when i was coming up. you had to eat, sleep and breathe your assistant job. you were a SLAVE and you had to LOVE IT. i used to CARRY BOXES,UNLOAD TRUNKS,SHLEP AROUND IN A BEAT UP CAR,WORK 16 HOUR DAYS,etc...i never COMPLAINED and I THOUROUGHLY ENJOYED MYSELF.
with all the FAMOUS STYLISTS out there....THIS ONE HAS MY ULTIMATE RESPECT. her name is ANDREA LIEBERMAN and she is a PRO. i WORSHIP HER WORK. she is known for GWEN STEFANI and JLO'S PERFECTION and her AMAZING line of JEWELS and STREETWEAR. she is A TRUE STYLIST who creates AMAZINGNESS through her own VISION and KEEN SENSE OF STYLE.i sometimes see her in LA and she is always SUPER KIND and SWEET. she is my IDEA of a TASTEMAKER and A TRUE TRENDSETTER.you don't just wake up one day and DRESS PEOPLE. you have to have it in your BLOOD and train for YEARS to PERFECT it. don't get me wrong...someone with GREAT TASTE can shop, and make it work,but a RARE FEW can create a MOMENT with clothing that LASTS FOREVER. hats off to the TRUE STYLISTS AND EDITORS who have CREATED such BEAUTY and SET TRENDS. i am so lucky to have TRAINED under some of the VERY BEST
(pictured above, the lovely Andrea Leiberman)

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