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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


back in my assisting days i had the honor of assisting the FABULOUS BRANA WOLF on a STEVEN MEISEL VALENTINO CAMPAIGN. it was heaven and hell. i was touching VALENTINO couture and putting it on models like KAREN ELSON. i was watching STEVEN MEISEL be a genius and PAT MCGRATH working her makeup magic. i was also working 13 hour days with no breaks and exhausted from running up and down the STAHL HOUSE hill with what seemed like 400 pound gowns in my hands. i will never forget those 2 days at the STAHL HOUSE. it's a wonderful CASE STUDY home built by MR.STAHL. he was older and sat in his wheelchair watching all the beauty that day. i knew at that moment that this was a MOMENT IN TIME, and that i was a very LUCKY 23 year old young lady!

we shot by the pool and here's my favorite ad of the series. enjoy!!!!! "ELSIE" was nervous that day, and kept asking me if her skin looked ok. she was so much fun and so pretty in person. i took good care of her :)

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