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Monday, March 1, 2010


ERIN WASSON is my dream girl. if i was a man i would marry her. she embodies everything i love about street fashion. the girl simply "gets" it. she is never fussy or overdone. her face always glows and her haircolor is always drop dead gorgeous. she is the type of girl who will ride a bmx bike to a party in a t-shirt and jeans,and be the HOTTEST girl there, she is so nice and humble, i met her once when i was tipsy at a party and i got teary. she hugged me and said don't cry! heheheh dorked out for erin wasson. here are some snaps of my muse ,if you will. she is my touchstone of fashion and effortless chic. I HEART U ERIN!!!!! your number 1 FAN..


PS check out her line for RVCA totally street chic with a girly twist.

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