welcome bunnies and stun guns

Saturday, April 10, 2010


if i ever do the BI-COASTAL thing..i will need a LOFT. they are the only way to go in NYC. you get way more BANG for your BUCK and lots of LIGHT. which is SOOO IMPORTANT to me. as me and MAZIK house HUNT..we are so turned off by anything DARK or TOO COZY. we tend to like OPEN and AIRY with a HIGH CEILING. i also am loving the MORE MODERN LAYOUTS as i get OLDER. very few people do CHARMING right....most of the time.."CHARMING" means run down. i have seen a FEW HOMES i dig in WINDSOR CIRCLE in la (HANCOCK PARK knows how to upkeep CHARMING),,,but anyhow, check this CHELSEA LOFT. it's my dream and i am DYING over the WALL BOOK SHELVES!

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