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Friday, April 9, 2010


i just JUMPED in the AIR, MAZIK thinks i am nuts..WE just watched the new SATC trailer....AND AIDAN IS BACK!!!! i have always been torn between AIDAN and BIG..i cannot wait to see this movie..........AMAZZZZZZING
who do you prefer CARRIE to end up with
AIDAN? or BIG? let me know xo


  1. Gotta go with Big. Although Aidan is a great guy he's too much of a hippie for Carrie.

  2. i know....but i love aidan....it's so hard.....i kind of enjoyed when big and carrie were besties.....but they do have a magic together you cannot deny!

  3. I saw the trailer too, pretty fabulous. To be honest I was more in tune with Carrie's outfits:) Cannot wait!

  4. That's a tough call! I love her & Big as best friends also and think Aiden would be her better match, there's just something about him that works for her.. nevermind how damn HOT he is!! =)