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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


when i was 18 i sat down and thought hard about how i was going to break into fashion. i didn't have the money for a fancy fashion school. i was working at FRED SEGAL for the wonderful JOHN ESHAYA and learning everyday how to successfully run a boutique. i knew i wanted more and had to get myself to ny..the center of everything fashion. i wrote POLLY MELLEN (my favorite fashion editor ALLURE Magazine) at the time a letter. I enclosed all the tears of her work i so admired. i got a call from PAUL PETZY her AMAZING assistant 2 weeks later. he said,buy a one way ticket to ny and meet with us at CONDE NAST. i packed up my apt and left for the city. i slept on my aunt and uncle's couch and began working at VOGUE magazine as a "ROVER". i made 400 dollars a week and loved every minute of it. i had to cocktail at nite to make rent. i spent a wonderful 4 years working for CONDE NAST and i truly believe it shaped my career. i will forever be indebted to POLLY ALLEN MELLEN who i never even met. to this day i look for her in malibu..i hear she lives there now. i would love to share my story with her and hug her for all she did for me. she totally got me in the door...and i wouldn't be where i am today without her!

a legendary shoot POLLY MELLEN styled.i'm sure you all have seen her work. she's beyond

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