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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


AGATHA creator of CARNIVAL WAX essential OILS:
"I was laying on a velvet chaise in an elaborate Victorian drawing room watching a film projected on the wall. Fancy women drifted in and out of the room and I realized I was in a bordello, decorated in old Oriental erotic art, surrounded by courtesans, watching a Bruce Lee movie! An exotic, warm, woody, spicy, sexy fragrance mingled with the air around me and made a deep, stimulating impression. This astonishing dream inspired me to blend the Collection of Five."

AVAIL @ FRED SEGAL MELROSE.very SPICY and EXOTIC. not at all a "BLEND IN" or "SAFE" fragrance. try all 5 and see which one SPEAKS to you. also a great GIFT for the sexy man in your life :)

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